Standalone VPD tool - VSEE300

Product Announcement from Rigaku Corporation

Standalone VPD tool - VSEE300-Image

The Rigaku VSEE300 is an automated Vapor Phase Decomposition (VPD) tool to decompose the surface of a Si wafer and concentrate contaminants in a droplet in preparation for TXRF, ICP-MS, or AAS analysis. The droplet may be dried on the wafer for subsequent TXRF analysis, or it can be collected in a vial for ICP or AAS analysis. VPD preparation enables a 100-fold TXRF detection limit improvement, making the standalone VSEE300 a complement to an existing Rigaku TXRF tool when greater sensitivity is requried.


  • High throughput
  • Accepts 300 mm, 200 mm, and 150 mm wafers
  • Designed for chemical safety and ease of routine maintenance
  • Fully automated operation (decomposition, droplet recovery, drying)
  • Flexible VPD treatment parameters
  • Whole wafer, ring, and fan scan types
  • Ability to extract sample solution for ICP and AAS analyses
  • Ability to dry concentrated droplets for TXRF analysis
  • VPD enables a 100-fold TXRF detection limit improvement



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