TXRF 3760 Surface contamination metrology

Product Announcement from Rigaku Corporation

TXRF 3760 Surface contamination metrology-Image

TXRF analysis can gauge contamination in all fab processes, including cleaning, litho, etch, ashing, films, etc. The TXRF 3760 can measure elements from Na through U with a single-target, 3-beam X-ray system and a solid-state detector system.

The TXRF 3760 includes Rigaku's patented XYθ sample stage system, an in-vacuum wafer robotic transfer system, and new user-friendly windows software. All of these contribute to higher throughput, higher accuracy and precision, and easy routine operation.

Optional Sweeping TXRF software enables mapping of the contaminant distribution over the wafer surface to identify "hot spots" that can be automatically re-measured at higher precision.

Optional ZEE-TXRF capability overcomes the historical 15 mm edge exclusion of original TXRF designs, enabling measurements to be made with zero edge exclusion.

TXRF 3760 specifications

  • Size of wafer: 200 mm max.
  • Rotating-anode X-ray source
  • Sample stage: XY θ stage
  • Solid-state detector
  • Oil-free electrical transformer
  • Three-beam excitation
  • Automatic optics alignment
  • Data import from external surface defect inspection tool

TXRF 3760 applications

The application of TXRF analysis is not limited to the analysis of metallic contamination on bare silicon wafers. TXRF analysis can be used to gauge the cleanliness of all fab processes, including cleaning, lithography, etching, ashing, films, etc. Beyond silicon devices, TXRF is also applicable to the fields of compound semiconductor devices, MEMS, organic electroluminescent materials, etc.

  • bare wafer
  • filmed wafer
  • patterned wafer
  • VPD-processed wafer
  • glass wafer
  • GaAs / SiC / sapphire