Industrial Dampers for High-Speed Fan Equipment

Product Announcement from Robinson Fans

Industrial Dampers for High-Speed Fan Equipment-Image

Robinson has provided fans and dampers for industry since 1892. In the early years, the company built equipment primarily for coal mine ventilation. In the 1930s, experience in high-temperature applications was acquired as a result of units built for brick-drying operations.

As its customer list has expanded to steel, cement, aluminum, pulp and paper, fertilizer, glass, chemical, coal preparation and utility industries, Robinson's experience and expertise in building dampers have steadily increased. Input from Robinson's field servicemen enables the company to handle the hot, dirty and corrosive jobs as well as high-efficiency, clean-air applications. Today, this experience is available to industry in the form of long-lasting, low-maintenance dampers.

Industrial Dampers are Engineered for:

  • Air performance control
  • Power savings
  • System isolation/shutdown
  • High temp/dust-laden conditions
  • Air dilution systems
  • Low leakage applications

Engineering Design:

Robinson's staff of mechanical engineers uses the same technical expertise in the design of custom dampers that is so critical in the design of high-speed rotating fan equipment. Important design considerations include:

  • Shaft deflection
  • Torque requirements (for sizing actuator)
  • Frame stiffness
  • Bolt sizing and spacing
  • Bearing selection
  • Shaft seal design
  • Low leakage seals (when required)
  • Material selection Correct damper design involves use of laboratory test data and years of field experience in addition to textbook engineering and computer-aided calculations.