DewTran® -LC Chilled Mirror Transmitter

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The DewTran® -LC (patent pending) is a low cost, precision dew point chilled mirror transmitter that provides a quick and accurate measurement of dew point. The transmitter has one configuration and is designed for three different applications (wall mount, duct mount and pipe mount). The unit offers two additional options, air temperature (T) and Barometric Pressure (BP), and other units of measurement are selectable via the RS232. The unit offers stable, accurate and repeatable measurements that are traceable to NIST.


  • Precision accuracy
  • Air temperature, (optional)
  • Relative Humidity (RH), (selectable with AT option)
  • Barometric pressure (optional) for wall mount applications
  • 2 programmable alarms (SPDT)
  • 2 4?20 mA analog outputs
  • RS232 (programmable)
  • Self-Aspirating (Wall mount applications only)

Applications Use:

  • HVAC
  • Clean Rooms
  • Industrial Processes
  • Glove Box
  • Pharmaceutical

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