Dew Point Generator

Featured Product from Roscid Technologies

Dew Point Generator-Image

Roscid Technologies dew point generator, the model PPMG101, is a precision moisture generator able to create a wide range of moisture levels. It can be used as a standalone verification unit or used in synchrony with a NIST traceable chilled mirror hygrometer (Roscid’s DewTran) to create a transfer standard calibration system for metrology labs, R & D and field calibrations.

This double dilution system offers a wide mixing ratio range of 50,000 to 1 (.5ppm to 25000 ppm) allowing a dew point/frost point range of
-80C to 15C to be achieved. Regardless of the mixing flow adjustments, the flow output is constant, condensation and water backup issues removed because of the elevated saturator pressure and the total flow control meter.

Generation Method: Divided flow, double dilution system

Dry Gas Supply: Max 25C dryer than the lowest frost point/dew point to be generated