Precision Hygrometer – Low Dew Point Transmitter

Featured Product from Roscid Technologies

Precision Hygrometer – Low Dew Point Transmitter-Image

DPXO-70 series is the perfect unit for applications for compressed air, dryers, glove box, and dry gas
The dew point transmitter uses a high density cross linked polymer film as a sensing element. It is very stable and is inert to almost all harsh environment, such as dust, acid gases, and gas with oil vapors. By using auto background calibration system, it is stable and accurate, this dew point transmitter does not need any daily maintenance. The DPXO-70 works at a constant temperature mode at 28C, so typically, the temperature outside does not have any influence on the transmitter and at temperature above 28C, the dew point transmitter is compensated by the software/microprocessor

Operating mode:

  • Above -10C direct current output
  • Below -10C, auto heating program starts heating for 45sec at 170C and then cools for 105sec, the output is held during this period
  • Below -40C with a delay of 5min, auto background calibration program is initiated and will last 7min, and the output is held during this period


  • 3 wire measurement
  • Accurate
  • Fast response time
  • Excellent stability