4945 Suspension Arm System

Product Announcement from Phoenix Mecano Inc.

4945 Suspension Arm System-Image

The Rose+Bopla 4945 Suspension Arm System is a sensible solution for wiring control components fast and with very little maintenance effort. This stylish equipment carrier system was designed to be used with and compliment their new SL 2000 flat panel machine control enclosures. The 4945 features an open cable channel and offers an abundance of mounting options for modern, flat control devices and modular system configurations. The elegant design of the 4945 is accented by the continuity of lines between the profile and system components, giving the system a uniformly slender look.

Even with its slender appearance, cable passage was an integral part of the design. Ready-equipped cables can be pulled through large connector passages even after mounting the carrier system. Increased assembly costs and advances in field bus components through every field of automation engineering are the main reasons why ready-equipped cables with connectors are being used in increasing numbers.

When combined with flat screen machine control systems, the 4945 Suspension Arm System offers mounting options such as: a free-standing system, a wall-mounted system, or a surface mounted system.

The 4945 is a modular system with a freely accessible cable duct in all profile elements and system components. Profiles elements are made of extruded aluminum with the cable duct open on one side. System components are diecast aluminum with steel inserts. The 4945 coupling, flange coupling, elbow coupling, elbow, flange elbow coupling, foot stand, top joint, and wall joint can be combined with the 4949 adapter flange, sloped adapter and console flange.