Rotatruck Rota-dollie

Product Announcement from Rotacaster Pty Ltd.

Rotatruck Rota-dollie-Image

Rotacaster dollies give you better tracking, rotational and multi-directional control

  • Less effort to move & no need to balance heavy loads
  • Increased load stability & precision positioning
  • Unrivalled multi-directional movement & rotation
  • Excellent tracking & directional control
  • Light weight, durable & fully corrosion resistant
  • Optional handles

Rota-dollies are the easier, quicker solution to moving heavy, awkward loads.

Heavy loads become easier to transport, more stable, simpler to manoeuvre in restricted spaces and require greatly reduced pushing and twisting force to be exerted by the user.

Ideal for use in a vast array of environments from food service areas, freezers or cool rooms to offices, retail and medical as well as warehouses and construction sites, Rotacaster Dollies and multi-wheel platform carts reduced the risk of strain injuries and increase productivity potential.