Industrial Slip Rings

Product Announcement from Rotary Systems, Inc.

Industrial Slip Rings-Image

Rotary Systems Industrial slip ring assemblies have been designed and built primarily for use in applications where their rugged enclosure is ideal for meeting the harsh requirements of the industrial sector.

They have been installed globally on cable reels, industrial cranes, in water treatment works and in wind turbines for the transfer of electrical power.

The standard rugged enclosure and shaft are manufactured from anodized aluminum though other materials can be used if the application requires it. They can also be fitted with seals, gaskets and liquid tight glands offering protection classes up to IP67.

Typically the contact materials are copper graphite brushes running on copper alloy rings with current ratings of between 30 and 400 Amps each being specified.

We are also able to fit additional slip ring and brush block modules with precious metal contacts like silver graphite brushes running on silver rings or even gold alloy brushes on gold rings for the transmission of more critical signals and data.


  • Contacts: Copper graphite on copper alloy. Other materials available
  • Ball Bearings: Precision ball bearing with double seals
  • Shaft: Anodized aluminum. Other materials and finishes available
  • Base Plate and Cover: Anodized Aluminum. Other materials and finishes available
  • Termination: Threaded terminals. Other terminations available
  • Speed: Up to 50 RPM continuous. Higher speeds available
  • Rotation: Bi-directional
  • Life: 25,000 hours @ 50 RPM minimum (>75 million revolutions)


  • Current: 30 amps per ring standard. Higher ratings available
  • Voltage: 600 VAC max. standard
  • Dielectric Strength: 1500 Volts rms (all combinations) standard.
  • Number of Rings: Up to 36 standard

Non-Standard Modifications

  • Sealing to IP67
  • Anti condensation heater
  • Addition of modules with precious metal contact materials
  • Custom drive and mounting hardware
  • Custom wiring or termination

If you have a specific slip ring application please contact Rotary Systems at 800.959.0146 or email