Rotary union with integrated slip ring

Product Announcement from Rotary Systems, Inc.

Rotary union with integrated slip ring-Image

Rotary Systems Inc., the Industry leader in multiple passage and custom rotary unions has recently announced that it will offer an electrical slip ring option (RUSR) on its entire line of standard rotary unions.

This new option will allow users to transfer fluids and gasses along with electrical and signal through one compact and rugged assembly. The standard line of RUSR assemblies will be offered in various sizes and electrical configurations with up to 12 passages in the union. A custom union can be designed with additional passages if required.

The electrical slip ring is offered in 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 56 circuit configurations. The slip ring features gold on gold contacts, V-groove ring design for low electrical noise, precision ball bearings and color coded lead wires for simplified electrical connection. Transfers analog and digital signals, power and is compatible with data bus protocols. Standard lead length is 24 inches with options to 48 inches.

If you have a specific RUSR application, contact Rotary Systems at 800.959.0146 or email

About Rotary Systems:
Rotary Systems is recognized for our innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in rotary unions and electrical slip rings. From our skilled engineers to our state-of-the-art facility to our incredible depth of knowledge, you can trust Rotary Systems to always deliver rotating unions and slip ring solutions designed and built to the highest standards possible. To learn more how engineers around the world, in limitless industries, including Automation, Defense, Offshore, Semi-Conductor, Energy, and Food and Beverage Processing have counted on our engineering expertise to turn their visions into reality, please contact an applications engineer at or call 800.959.0146.