Design Your Own Actuator

Featured Product from Rotomation, Inc.

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With Rotomation's smorgasbord of options you can design a pneumatic actuator to suit your needs exactly, rather than having to design around a standardized product. To optimize your design, we can provide special modifications and still ship within days.

These rugged actuators produce a variety of different motions to suit your needs:

  • Rotary Actuator: Bidirectional rotation between two positions, like a windshield wiper
  • Multi Position Actuator: Bidirectional rotation between three, four or five angular positions accessible in any sequence
  • Indexing Actuator: Unidirectional rotation in fixed precise steps to hard stops
  • Multi-motion Actuator: Combines a rotary section with a linear cylinder to provide independently-controlled linear and rotary motion
  • Stepping Actuator: Unidirectional rotation in steps without hard stops

Rotomation has been building accurate, rugged pneumatic actuators since 1976.