Indexing Actuators for Conveyors, Packaging & More

Featured Product from Rotomation, Inc.

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The Rotomation Indexing Actuator is a unique pneumatic device that reliably provides shaft rotation in precise steps in one direction without cumulative error. It shares a number of components with a normal rack and pinion rotary actuator.


  • Indexing conveyors
  • Walking beam
  • Packaging (i.e. carton up-ender)
  • Index tables
  • Star wheels



  • Totally unique
  • Low cost
  • Simple replacement for servos
  • Fast cycling with a 4-way valve
  • Index steps from 12 to 360 deg.



  • Cushions and flow controls
  • Bumpers available for reset side
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Washdown protection
  • High cycle life construction