Pneumatic Actuators for Automation

Featured Product from Rotomation, Inc.

Rotomation Pneumatic Actuators are  unique, configurable and rugged.  Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions.  They provide direct process actuation for reliable, high speed operation.  All units are assembled to order; about 40% of them are specials.  Product development and improvement are never-ending and our service includes telephone support, distributor availability and repair in our own shop to insure like-new operation.  Your production is optimized and protected.


Rotomation lets you configure your actuator exactly to your needs. We have billions of standard configurations in our catalog that we can assemble and ship within days, regard-less of the configuration you choose. Why settle for one-size-fits-all when you can have it your way!   


  • Our indexing actuators are the only ones available on the market and can often replace stepping or servo drives at far lower cost and complexity.
  • Our stepping actuators are of an integrated design with excellent shaft bearings rather than the add-on one-way clutch adapters offered by the competition.
  • Our Pick and Place actuators offer combined independently controlled rotary and linear motions in a compact package.
  • The unique compact design of our A032 rotary actuator provides more torque and bearing capacity than anything else of its size on the market.


When a cheap actuator breaks, it has an impact on production, becoming very expensive. Our actuators have been con-tinuously improved over the years in order to eliminate failure modes, while maintaining backward compatibility with older units. Our one-piece pinion shafts are made of heat treated alloy steel for maximum toughness. Our ground self-centering alloy steel racks slide on oil-impregnated replaceable sintered bronze bearings, and sealed, oversized ball bearings are standard. And we proudly stand behind our products with a worry-free two year limited warrantee.


Often, a simple modification can reduce your parts count, space requirement, or improve your product’s performance. We keep blanks of all the customizable parts in stock so we can deliver specials quickly and at low cost.

Simple modifications, in general, do not affect delivery time. But we can also design a new product from the ground up if that is what your application requires.