Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator

Featured Product from Rotomation, Inc.

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The Rotomation indexing actuator is a rack and pinion rotary actuator with the addition of a pair of one-way roller clutches and a ratchet and pawl mechanism to produce a true indexing action. The ratchet is keyed to the shaft, so stopping points are always fixed, with no accumulating error possible. This mechanism makes it possible to produce steps of 15 to 360 degrees per stroke.


  • Unique - Indexing Shaft Drive
  • Torque - 277 in. lb. @ 80psi
  • Configurable - Choose your options
  • Reliable - Millions of Operations
  • Accurate - ± 0.2 deg.
  • Fast - More than 100 cycles per minute

• Index tables
• Indexing conveyors
• Star wheels
• Walking beams
• Parts positioners
• Accumulators


• Hardened steel shaft and indexing mechanism
• Alloy steel pinion and ratchet
• Stainless steel hardware
• Heavy, accurate bearings; can support load directly
• Anodized aluminum body and end caps
• Sealed against dust

The Indexer can be driven using a single four way directional control valve in a two-step process:
• Pressurize the drive cylinder; the shaft will rotate to the next stop and lock in position. Maintain pressure while processing takes place.
• Shift air to the reset cylinder; the rack and pinion move back to prepare for another stroke. The shaft is unlocked and can move freely in the forward direction in this state.