Compartmentalize Your Drawers with Plastic Bins

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Compartmentalize Your Drawers with Plastic Bins
If you want to organize your drawers and easily move their contents around, Rousseau has a ready-made compartmentalization system using plastic bins. The bins are designed for 3" and 4" high drawers only.

This article focuses on two compartmentalization possibilities with a section dedicated to each of these options.

Option 1 – Preconfigured drawers to get up and running quickly
Option 2 – Personalization for more control

Whichever compartmentalization option you choose, you need to determine the size of your R or L drawers. At Rousseau we use the nominal size of the drawers as a reference.

Option 1 – Preconfigured drawers to get up and running quickly
Take a look at the configuration options on this page: After selecting the nominal dimensions of your drawer, you will see the compartmentalization options available to you. You then just have to choose the desired configuration and specify the height of the drawer. To immediately request a quote, just click "Request a quote." 

Option 2 – Personalization for more control
You can also create your own configuration with individual plastic bins. As with option 1, you need to determine the size of your drawers.

Once you have found the right dimensions, you can create your drawer compartments. Our help to compartmentalize document for R drawers and our help to compartmentalize document for L drawers contain empty drawer graphics for each dimension to help you.

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Rousseau is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions.

Innovative products and processes
Innovation runs through the whole company! Every team within Rousseau is focused on developing products, continuously improving processes and integrating the latest technology.

At Rousseau, we proudly implement sustainable development initiatives in terms of both our products and manufacturing processes.

Flexible and customized solutions
Whatever the industry and whoever the customer, Rousseau understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why all our product lines allow for custom configurations.

With our vast range of components and accessories, you can build your own solution, be it a customized cabinet, shelving system or workstation.

Modular and scalable design
Our products are modular. They fit together easily with each other to form complete systems. Furthermore, they are designed to accept a wide range of accessories, which allows highly personalized solutions to be created.

Our products are scalable so our solutions will grow along with your business. For example, if you already have a shelving system, you can add banks of drawers for storing small parts.

Designed and manufactured in North America
By designing and manufacturing our products in North America, we have complete control over the quality produced.

In addition, we can accept orders on demand and offer excellent shipping times. We are also able to manufacture more tailored solutions for customers' special requests.

Unrivaled quality and durability
400 lb. capacity per drawer, lifetime warranty on the sliding system, meticulous designers, advanced technology and exceptional customer service. These are just some of the value-added benefits that come with Rousseau products.

By choosing Rousseau as a partner for your project, you are guaranteeing decades of satisfaction.

Customer-focused in everything we do
The customer is always a key factor in Rousseau's decision making. Right from a product's initial concept phase, our team consults customers to find out what they really need.

For manufacturing, Rousseau uses quality materials and strict standards to ensure each customer can benefit from the best return on investment.