Freestanding Station

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With a Rousseau Freestanding Station, you can keep a wide variety of accessories within easy reach, from the simplest tools to computer parts, spools holders and electronic equipment. Both the centered and off-centered stands give you fast access to every item stored on them. Stationary stands are available in 36"H, 54"H and 84"H models, and there are also 36"H and 54"H mobile versions for easily transporting your equipment to wherever you need it. The layout of accessories on Rousseau Freestanding Stations can be easily changed without tools. Simply swap them in and out or rearrange them to ensure the stand evolves in line with your needs

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  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers
  • Aeronautics
  • Public Sector
  • Defense and Security
  • Schools & Training
  • Minng & Natural Resources
  • Agriculture and Small Engine Equipment
  • Health
  • Laboratories

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Rousseau is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions.