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Every laboratory has unique requirements and challenges. That's why Rousseau has designed modular products that allow you to create a unique, personalized layout.

Customize your workspace with a wide choice of cabinets, tables and workstations. Add any number of accessories to make your work environment as functional as you need it to be. Keep frequently used items to hand with our shelves and hanging panels for workstations. Use cabinets with locking mechanisms for storing valuables.

A wealth of options are available so you can be as organized and as productive as possible. Contact our specialists to discuss a custom solution for your project!

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Rousseau, a solution for every industry 
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Why Choose Us?
Rousseau is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions.

The high-quality, durable and innovative products we produce have made us the leader in our field. Our team of enthusiastic employees create pioneering and scalable storage solutions that meet the current and future needs of our customers.