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Replacing traditional shelving with drawer cabinets or shelving with drawers is one of the most effective ways to:
     - Save space
     - Increase speed and accuracy in order picking
     - Significantly reduce the time spent taking inventory

However, before you decide on a final layout, there are a few points to consider when designing your system, which will make the change easier and ensure that your final layout will support growth and product changes in the future.

If your order picking software can assign an inventory item to any available space in your storage system, then your issues going forward will be minimal. This type of system offers the most flexibility in terms of what locations are assigned to a specific product. Smaller products can be stored in a location with other small products, maximizing the efficiency of the storage space. New products can be added at the end of the system in empty drawers provided for growth or be placed in slots vacated by older stock. This type of software and organization will make it easier to change product lines, add products, and remove discontinued or obsolete products.

However, there are storage systems that can make the transition to drawer storage more difficult and create problems in the future. Let’s examine the typical concerns and see how these can be resolved with proper planning during the design phase.....more....


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