Time for your New Year's resolutions!

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Time for your New Year's resolutions!
Get yourself and your team a scalable solution for managing your inventory: implement the 5S method.

This Japanese methodology is designed to optimize organization and efficiency of the work environment by ensuring each tool is in the right place, easy to find and well identified.

From wall units and hooks to drawer accessories, Rousseau offers a complete range of products to help you implement this efficient way of working.

If you're interested to see what your workspace could look like with the 5S method, take a look at this installation by Quebec City.  

Visit our photo gallery to see more Rousseau projects.


On-Demand Webinar:
Storage Design: 5 Steps to Create a Leading-edge Storage and Work Cell Design
Whether you need to reconfigure your plant or design a new space, you will face multiple challenges when it comes to storage and workstation design. In this webinar, we will discuss the steps you need to take to help you navigate these challenges successfully.

Configuration Made Easy
Use our all-new MY MODEL-R configurator to design your stationary cabinet, mobile toolbox and shelving with drawers.

Rousseau, a solution for every industry 
Choose our solutions to help you save time, money and space. 


Watch>>>Why Rousseau? and Find out why we excel in our field!

Why Choose Us?
Rousseau is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions.

Innovative products and processes
Innovation runs through the whole company! Every team within Rousseau is focused on developing products, continuously improving processes and integrating the latest technology.

At Rousseau, we proudly implement sustainable development initiatives in terms of both our products and manufacturing processes.

Flexible and customized solutions
Whatever the industry and whoever the customer, Rousseau understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why all our product lines allow for custom configurations.

With our vast range of components and accessories, you can build your own solution, be it a customized cabinet, shelving system or workstation.

Modular and scalable design
Our products are modular. They fit together easily with each other to form complete systems. Furthermore, they are designed to accept a wide range of accessories, which allows highly personalized solutions to be created.

Our products are scalable so our solutions will grow along with your business. For example, if you already have a shelving system, you can add banks of drawers for storing small parts.

Designed and manufactured in North America
By designing and manufacturing our products in North America, we have complete control over the quality produced.

In addition, we can accept orders on demand and offer excellent shipping times. We are also able to manufacture more tailored solutions for customers' special requests.

Unrivaled quality and durability
400 lb. capacity per drawer, lifetime warranty on the sliding system, meticulous designers, advanced technology and exceptional customer service. These are just some of the value-added benefits that come with Rousseau products.

By choosing Rousseau as a partner for your project, you are guaranteeing decades of satisfaction.

Customer-focused in everything we do
The customer is always a key factor in Rousseau's decision making. Right from a product's initial concept phase, our team consults customers to find out what they really need.

For manufacturing, Rousseau uses quality materials and strict standards to ensure each customer can benefit from the best return on investment.