ABA weld-on Lifting Points

Product Announcement from RUD Chain, Inc.

ABA weld-on Lifting Points -Image

The RUD Chain Company, the market leader for safe lifting has made an addition to their high-quality lifting point collection. The ABA load ring is forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo, quenched and tempered and surfaced in phosphate for improved material strength and wear resistance. The ABA is loadable in any direction. This load ring was designed to easily replace fabricated load rings that are frequently used; often homemade load rings are not load rated and using them risks damage to your load, but it also puts those who are working around the load in danger.

  • The patented wear marking on both the inside and outside of the body of the load ring allows the user to check the load ring for damage and wear, giving the ABA a distinct benefit over other load rings.
  • The patented wear marks allow the user to know if there is more than 10% wear on the item, more than 10% wear on a lifting point means the item must be removed from service.
  • The wear marks serve as a dual function because they also show the angle of the sling or attachment point relative to the ABA.
  • The raised material or "dots" are rough indications of 60°, 45° and 30°.

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