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Whether you need to transport raw biomass to a boiler for combustion, or dispose of the combustion residues, the resilient CRATOS conveyor systems are designed to face these conditions. Thanks to our wealth of experience in removing ash from coal-fired power plants, biomass combustion, waste incineration and recycling, all our system components are always perfectly coordinated to provide reliable system solutions. Whether you need a complete bucket elevator, a chain conveyor or a chain drive, we meet every conveying challenge using round steel chains, forked chains or belts as traction mechanisms. Our Engineers have extensive experience and would be happy to provide advice on your specific situation.

CRATOS Technology for submerged scraper conveyors RUD Chains has been working very closely with well-known manufacturers of submerged scraper conveyors (SSC) since this technology was developed, and also maintains excellent contacts with end users. This of course has a positive effect on the success of further developments of our products for this field of application. A good example is our new two-part attachment (Duomount) which can be mounted in the taut chain strand.

Conveying capacities of between 5 and 50 tonnes per hour (t/h) are achieved, depending on the angle of the inclined part of the conveyor.Through puts of 50 t/h are achieved with a conveyor trough width of 2500mm. Where as high ratio geared motor drives were mainly used in the past, nowadays variable speed electromechanical or hydraulic drives are generally preferred. The normal conveying speeds lie between 0.01 and 0.05m/s, they very seldom exceed 0.07 m/s.

CRATOS Component

RUD components form the heart of the SSC: the conveyor chain, the chain connectors, the drive wheels, guide wheels, and the scrapers with their attachments. Toothed drive sprockets which locate internally on the chain are mainly used in submerged scraper conveyor (SSC). Occasionally, pocketed type sprockets are also used. We shall be pleased to assist you in selecting the optimum system for your conveying task.

Benefits/advantages of CRATOS components:

  • Highly wear-resistant to give long service life.
  • High-strength through optimal heat treatment (see max. operational forces,operational force table)
  • Self-cleaning in comparison to other systems.
  • Easy mounting and dismounting of the equipment and RUD components
  • Low-maintenance

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