RUD Special Steel Grade Round Steel Chains

Product Announcement from RUD Chain, Inc.

RUD Special Steel Grade Round Steel Chains-Image

RUD Chains, due to their excellent chain core toughness, have high breaking strength and resistance to brittle fracture.

Although generally with increased case hardening depth of round steel link chains the breaking strength decreases, RUD chains combine a very high wear resistance with extraordinary high strenth and toughness. These characteristics permit safe operation, e.g. of a high capacity bucket elevator.

Every system has different operating requirements and RUD has a complete range of chains with special qualities to provide the right combination of wear resistance and tensile strength for these different applications.

All RUD chains and components in special qualities have remarkable resistance to fatigue fracture. Chains and components are matched to reduce the stresses during operation.

Worldwide competention and continuous demand for the highest quality requires innovtive quality plans of all companies.

The most important principle of modern quality assurance is that quality is not merely achieved, but has to be produced. Our main objective today therefore is, to controll the formation of a product to an extent that faults do not even have the chance to emerge.

RUD have taken these requirements into account and introduced the RUD Quality Assurance System, described in our RUD Qualtity-Assurance-System-Handbook. The RUD Quality Assurance System uses the latestdevelopments in quality sciences. It meets the requirements of ISO 9001-14001, or officially acknowledged QA system and the demands of the car industry.