The RUD®-shortening claw

Product Announcement from RUD Chain, Inc.

The RUD®-shortening claw -Image

After decades of success, the RUD®-shortening claw has been further enhanced. Manufactured in compliance with prEN 1677-7 and can be captively fitted along the chain leg. No additional chain and coupling components are required. It can be moved to any position along the chain leg. The ideal link shaped chain pocket provides an optimal fitting for the chain thus no reduction of the WLL. A robust safety bolt with a spring prevents the accidental loosening of the fitted chain in both loaded and unloaded conditions.

The VIP Multi-shortening claw can either be mounted or easily moved to any position along the chain leg. RUD's Multi Shortening Claw will not allow unintentional displacement and it is an equivalent of a self closing latch that is not found on any grab hook.

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