VLBS Weld-on Load Ring

Product Announcement from RUD Chain, Inc.

VLBS Weld-on Load Ring-Image

Now, more than ever, "all load rings are definitely not the same"

The RUD® Chain Company, the market leader for safe lifting, has brought forward a further production improvement of one of its leading lifting points. The LBS "RUD lug", together with the RBS Eye Plate has recently gone through a significant upgrade - the biggest change since the product line was first introduced more than 25 years ago!

To align with RUD's leading Grade 100 VIP Sling Chain system; the LBS & RBS ranges have been re-designed and released as the VLBS & VRBS respectively. Working Load Limits (WLL's) have increased significantly and the WLL(s) now align and match in with the RUD® Grade 100 chain ratings.

The new VIP version VLBS, forged of the high-resistant steel CrNiMo, 100% crack detected, with distinctive fluorescent pink powder coated surface and innovative shape has the following advantages:

The new VLBS ring bracket is forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo with two patented inner supporting lugs. It provides an optimal sitting of the hook and offers better protection for the clamping springs. Given an inclined or a non - parallel welding surface, the support effect is extremely improved. The optimized support shape at the suspension ring enables a strong support at loads 90° to the plane of the eye. The load bracket can be tilted by 180°, made of high-tensile material, 100% crack detected and thus overall loadable.

The welding block is forged out of quality welding material 1.0577+N (St 52-3) and clearly stamped with an identification number for the permissible WLL.
The distance lugs are for the measurement and provision of the required gap for the root welding (approx. 3mm). Important: The weld arrangement (continuous HV weld) fulfils the requirements of DIN 18800 i.e. the closed weld avoids corrosion and is thus suitable for outdoor use. A protected spring keeps the ring bracket in every required position without tipping and it also reduces vibration induced noise.

The pink powder coating is both a VIP® identification characteristic and a heat indicator. The special fluorescent pink powder coating permanently highlights the maximum temperature at which the VIP® chain has been used. The special fluorescent pink powder coating permanently changes color at increased temperatures. With temperatures exceeding 200°C, the pink powder coating color changes to ochre, brown and finally black. If temperatures reach 400°C, the color changes to a deep black with small bubbles, indicating that the VIP® chain/lifting component has been over-heated, and must no longer be used.

The VRBS is available up to 50t WLL and can be loaded in any direction. The ring can also be used for the VIP load rings for corners for welding VRBK 4/6/7

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