A Trusted Supplier For The Aerospace Industry

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A Trusted Supplier for the Aerospace Industry

Ryan Electronics offers a wide variety of airframe wire and cable for military and commercial applications.

Our high-performance aerospace wire and cable meets requirements for high temperature resistance, small dimensions, low weight, and low flame propagation.

We carry a wide range of M22759 wire and specialize in high-performance aerospace cables such as the M27500 specification, among others.

M22759 Wire | MIL-W-22759 | SAE AS22759


Ryan Electronics carries a wide selection of high quality MIL-W-22759 wire.This specification covers fluoropolymer-insulated single conductor electrical wires made with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel coated conductors of copper or copper alloy.

Our M22759 wires meet requirements for small dimensions, high temperature resistance, low weight and low flame propagation.

M27500 Wire | MIL-C-27500 Cable | NEMA WC 27500


Cable covered by this specification is intended for use in aerospace and industrial electric applications. The M27500 specification allows for a wide variety of construction choices. Basic wire size, type, numbers of wire, shield, and jacket styles may all be spelled out under this spec.

M27500 Part Number Breakdown

M27500 RC-06

M27500 RC-09

M27500 TG-14

Ryan Electronics Corporation was founded in 1989 as a full-service distributor of electrical wire & cable, wire management accessories, cable assembly solutions, and value-added services.

Our specialty is in Mil-Spec applications, and our commitment to repeatable perfect performance has earned us the position of a trusted supplier partner to the military and aerospace industries.

We pride ourselves in being Mil-Spec wire & cable specialists who provide superior quality in product, technical expertise, and personable assistance. We offer quick, efficient service for your complete connectivity requirements.

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