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SAE Industry Technologies Consortia Launches Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

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SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC) is excited to announce the launch of the Electric Vehicle Public Key Infrastructure Consortium (EVPKI Consortium). The Consortium has formally launched with four Charter Members: ChargePoint, Electrify America, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

“ChargePoint is committed to delivering a safe, accessible and reliable charging experience for all EV drivers, wherever they live, work, and play,” said Kor Meelker, director, global standards at ChargePoint. “Through the SAE EVPKI Consortium, industry leaders are working together, using open standards, establishing governance and rules for multiple PKI systems and guaranteeing interoperability of systems, to deliver an enhanced charging experience.”

“As the first open DC fast charging network to ensure capable vehicles can benefit from Plug & Charge payment technology, we have developed key insights for interoperability and standardization to offer a secured communications protocol following the ISO15118 standard,” said Robert Barrosa, president and CEO of Electrify America.  “We look forward to working in collaboration with industry stakeholders to take an industry-wide approach to solutions for all EV drivers.”

“Ford is working hard to simplify the charging experience for our customers through intuitive technology like Plug & Charge, and we look forward to working with the Consortium to further improve the entire ownership experience for electric drivers," said Bill Crider, senior director of global charging and energy services, Ford Motor Company. "Innovating the public charging process can't be solved by one company alone. It requires cross-industry collaboration and true support for open charging networks, and the critical work done in this Consortium will enable more EV customers to charge quickly and securely at more locations across North America."

"As GM continues to make progress on its vision of an all-electric future, the company is committed to not only broadening access to public charging infrastructure, but also enhancing the customer experience,” says Alex Keros, director of charging infrastructure and experience, GM Energy. “Working collaboratively, the EVPKI Consortium will help unlock key features while enabling a seamless charging experience for EV drivers.”

“Our new EVPKI program will allow industry to secure EV charging using Plug & Charge, advanced features like bi-directional changing and short BiDi, and provide the flexibility to secure future charging communication protocols when they are fielded. The EVPKI solution will establish the necessary user and regulatory trust to further accelerate EV adoption,” said Fabian Koark, COO, SAE Industry Technology Consortia.

The EVPKI Consortium is an industry-led and SAE ITC managed group committed to bringing the best EV Charging PKI Platform to market. The mission of the Consortium is to create and manage an inclusive framework for secure digital trust across the electric mobility PKI ecosystem to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and optimize the user experience. The Consortium welcomes additional private companies and public sector organizations in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem to participate.

The Consortium implements and manages the SAE EVPKI Platform, which was developed and tested by a cross-industry team of EV industry leaders including EV OEMs, charging manufacturers and providers, and EV ecosystem companies. It is focused on creating an open and interoperable PKI marketplace for the global EV ecosystem.  Consortium goals include:

  • Deliver and manage a comprehensive, transparent PKI governance for all industry
  • Develop a Certificate Trust List to achieve an interoperable PKI marketplace
  • Implement a robust PKI testing program to achieve PKI interoperability
  • Enhance cross-industry PKI collaboration, insight and education

SAE ITC will publish the SAE EVPKI Certificate Policy in the coming weeks. The Certificate Policy is a critical document that provides an integrated set of technologies, protocols, identity-proofing, lifecycle management and auditing requirements for the issuance and management of an SAE EVPKI-compliant PKI root.  The Certificate Policy will be available free for download at the EVPKI Consortium website at https://www.sae-itc.com/programs/evpki.

SAE ITC encourages interested EV stakeholders to learn more about this vital consortium and inquire about membership by visiting the EVPKI Consortium website at https://www.sae-itc.com/programs/evpki.

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