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New Airspray Low Pressure Fluid Hose

Featured Product from Sames North American Corporation

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SAMES would like to announce the release of the new Airspray low pressure fluid hose.

We now offer our customers a new range of hoses that bring fantastic advantages to the end-user compared to our competitors.

The New Airsrpay Low Pressure fluid hoses work well with:

  • Airspray manual pressure spray guns
  • Airspray automatic guns
  • Diaphragm pumps
  • Airspray tanks (pressure pots)
  • Airspray piston pumps
  • Recirculating loop
  • Fluid Transfer solutions

The new hoses are naturally compatible with most competitive equipment in the world.

New SAMES Low-Pressure Fluid hoses are available in 3 diameters:

  • Small (whip end, low flowrate): 3.2 mm (1/8’’) internal diameter
  • Medium (feed one or several guns): 6.4 mm (1/4’’) internal diameter
  • Large (large flowrate, recirculating): 9.5 mm (3/8’’) internal diameter

Three Unique Advantages

The Lightest on the Market

Their weight is 31 grams per meter (small diameter hose), 44 grams per meter (medium diameter hose), and 92 grams per meter (large diameter hose).

 The Most Flexible on the Market

The bending radius is not equal to the hose flexibility. The hose bending radius is linked to the ease of the handling of the gun; with a smaller bending radius, the hose curves sharper.

 The best Quality and Safety on the Market

           New SAMES Low-Pressure Fluid hoses are Anti-static (their resistivity is less than 106 Ω/m) and ATEX certified.