Robotic Sprayer - PPH 707 Solvent Based

Featured Product from Sames North American Corporation

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Robotic sprayer for solvent based paint equipped with high speed rotary bell

  • High performance bell atomizer
  • High reliability for Automotive paintshop
  • Easy to maintain

PPH 707-SB is a sprayer dedicated to the electrostatic application with internal charge of solvent based paint.

It is equipped with the high speed turbin (HVI) with magnetic bell. "SB" index means that this type of sprayer is dedicated to solvent based paing application. The high speed allows a high rotation (up to 85,000 rpm):

  • better atomization fineness
  • high paint flow

Field of Application

PPH 707-SB is dedicated to the Automotive Industry and Tier 1 for solvent based application.

The level of finishing quality proposed by the PPH 707-SH guaranties a high quality. This tool will meet your requirements in terms of:

  • Spraying (primer, base, 2nd base, clear…)
  • Application aspect
  • Transfer efficiency (control of the V.O.V.)
  • Reliability and simplification of the maintenance operations
  • Product saving