New FPro Manual Airspray Spray Gun Pressure Range

Featured Product from SAMES KREMLIN

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SAMES KREMLIN would like to announce the release of the new FPro Manual Airspray Spray Gun Pressure Range. The new FPro Manual Airspray gun is perfectly balanced and provides a superior finish for all painters. SAMES KREMLIN offers the largest range of spray guns and accessories for all applications in markets that require high finish spraying. SAMES KREMLIN sets the new standard in Airspray applications with the new FPro.

Thanks to innovative patent pending technologies inside the gun, the painter has complete control with the paint application. The paint speed controller and spin effect deliver a perfect atomization with very high transfer efficiency (up to 78% in HVLP).

FPro delivers Performance at your Fingertips and Effortless Perfect Spray Finishing.

In 1925, SAMES KREMLIN industrialized the first Airspray gun in Europe and reinvents the way to atomize paint with patented innovations with the NEW FPro Airspray spray gun. SAMES KREMLIN understands the customers' needs' due to decades of knowledge and customer application experience.