Auto Mach-jet -Auto Electrostatic Powder Coating

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Automatic electrostatic powder coating applicator.

DescriptionAuto-mach-jet provides coating performance, ease of cleaning, simplicity, to allow you to increase your productivity and color change even faster ! The applicator Auto-Mach-Jet easily applies all types of powders on all types of parts. Combine it with the new CRN 457 controller, and the package will allow you to better handle your coating parameters, and provide you with one of the best transfer efficiencies available on the market place. Because of its design, Auto-Mach-Jet can easily and quickly be cleaned , using minimal compressed air to blow it clean, which allows for faster color changes, and an enhanced production throughput. The electric and pneumatic controls are integral with the CRN 457 controller, which makes the system compact. On its large screen, the adjustments are done following icons instructions that are easy to understand by everybody : the learning is intuitive, and the training of the operator is extremely quick. Learn more on our site