Miralis - Kremlin 2K Cyclomix™ Micro

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Success Story

Main Customer Need: Miralis, Inc. needed equipment that would deliver a better finish quality, increase production with a consistent finish, and reduce material usage and reworks. As they expanded their business, they purchased (3) Cefla flatline machines. EXEL North America and Miralis tested the Kremlin equipment to prove finish quality and savings and Miralis purchased the Kremlin 2K Cyclomix™ Micro systems with several Airmix® and Flowmax® pumps and guns.

Kremlin Rexson Solution: Miralis, Inc. was mixing paint by hand which was not efficient nor was it giving them a high quality finish. By installing the Kremlin Cyclomix™ Micro systems with Airmix® spray technology, Miralis was able to achieve a 30% material savings on their first test. By using the 2K Cyclomix™ Micro System, Miralis received repeatability, constant material delivery and a fine quality finish. Michel Labonté, Finishing Department Manager stated: "We are getting excellent technical and service support from the EXEL Regional Manager. Over the years, Kremlin Rexson has maintained the high quality of the equipment and kept competitive prices."

New Equipment installed:

  • (3) Kremlin Cyclomix™ Micro PH Systems
  • (48) Kremlin AVX Automatic spray guns
  • (10) Kremlin 16.120 Flowmax® Pumps
  • (3) Kremlin 20.25 Flowmax® PH Pumps
  • (7) Kremlin 10.14 Airmix pumps
  • (6) Kremlin 20.15 Pumps
  • (28) Kremlin Airmix® spray guns
  • (30) Kremlin M22G HTI Manual Airspray guns
  • (9) Kremlin GoldTop™ Airmix® Regulators