New Xcite Light Airmix Manual Spray Gun

Featured Product from SAMES KREMLIN

SAMES KREMLIN Inc. would like to announce the release of the new Xcite Light Airmix® Manual Spray Gun. The Xcite Light Airmix® Manual spray gun is available in two models: 60 bar (870 psi) and 120 bar (1740 psi). The new Xcite Light delivers the same proven quality, reliability, and components as the Xcite manual spray gun. The Xcite Light Airmix® Manual spray gun is a simple and reliable spray gun for large and small production facilities requiring a high repeatable finish quality and transfer efficiency.

Excellent Airmix® Finish Quality

SAMES KREMLIN created Airmix® in 1975. Airmix® is an intermediate spraying technology that combines the finish quality of Airspray with the productivity of Airless and is the industrial standard for medium pressure atomization today.

High Transfer Efficiency: up to 86%

The quality of atomization with fine paint particle speed as low as possible, eliminates excessive overspray and material wastes. The result is low bounce back effect and low overspray reaching high transfer efficiency up to 86%.

Designed to Access Recessed Areas of Parts

When used with the optional whip hose, Xcite Light Airmix® spray gun is more compact and flexible making it easier to spray into complex shaped parts or very recessed areas of parts.

In 1975 SAMES KREMLIN industrialized the first Airmix® spray gun in the world and is further developing the range for more applications. Due to many decades of experience, SAMES KREMLIN continues to develop new products for our valued customers and their many application needs.