SBG-50 Servo Bag Gripper

Product Announcement from SAS Automation, LLC

SBG-50 Servo Bag Gripper-Image

The SBG-50 Servo Bag Gripper includes stainless steel fingers and independent decker.

  • Gearbox / motor combinations for various robot manufacturers
  • Capable of servicing multiple lines with bags of different sizes
  • Robust belt and pulley system
  • Linear rails for smooth, quiet motion

Includes standard SAS bag gripper features such as stainless steel fingers, independent decker plates, and top-mounted bag clamps

Programmable Servo drive bag width adjustment on the fly from 265 - 500 mm with an additional manual adjustment to reduce the width to 165 mm for very narrow bags

Bag heights from 65-165 mm / weights up to 50k

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