50 Series Pressurized Power Unit

Featured Product from SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation

50 Series Pressurized Power Unit-Image

The 50 Series is a self-contained unit complete with a three gallon pressurized reservoir, hydraulic pressure unloading valve, air sequence valve and manual air control valve. It is designed for oil service only.

This unit provides high-speed low-pressure operation and low-speed high-pressure operation automatically.

Only two positions of the control valve are required for a complete cycle of operation. When the control calve is shifted (see circuit below), air pressure is applied to the reservoir. This pressurization initiates free flow through the pump, thus providing the high-speed, low-pressure cycle.

Upon reaching a set hydraulic output pressure, the sequence valve automatically operates the pump, thus providing the low speed high-pressure cycle.

Operation of the pump only when increased pressure is required saves air, assures maximum pump life. And reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Opposite position of the control valve activates the pressure unloading valve and dumps system pressure back to the reservoir.

Design of the unit permits the use of the air supply for return cycle if needed. The unit is easily converted for semi or fully automatic operation.