5:1 Ratio Air Booster System

Featured Product from SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation

The S10320-ABD-5 System combines the rugged 5:1 ratio, single-stage, double acting booster with a 600 PSI ASME reservoir for high pressure applications needing a five gallon reserve.

The unit can be mounted either horizontally, as shown, or vertical on a wall or equipment structure. The compete unit weighs approximately 85 pounds.

The system is ready for hook-up to an air supply and includes an inlet filter/regulator with shut-off and gauge, safety relief valve, muffler, high pressure regulator, and high pressure reservoir and outlet pressure gauges.

The S10320-ABD-5 system can save money when requirements need up to a 600 PSI supply of air with reserve capacity. Contact us or one of our authorized distributors for application or sizing assistance.