Dusting in Diesel Engines: SDT Ultrasound

Product Announcement from SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Dusting in Diesel Engines: SDT Ultrasound-Image

Ultrasound as a predictive maintenance tool is used successfully in many industrial applications in industries of all kinds. It is used as an inspection tool for detecting positive and negative pressure leaks such as those found in compressed air systems or vacuum pumps. Some industrial processes use ultrasound to identify failed steam traps and all facilities derive safety benefits from its ability to find electrical faults. Most recently PdM professionals have opened their eyes to the benefits ultrasound offers as a predictive technology giving early alert that an impending problem is developing in a bearing or helping to optimize the lubrication of rotating equipment.

All of these valuable applications contribute to billions of dollars saved in downtime, energy efficiency, and improved product quality. Perhaps most interesting of all is that most of these inspections are carried out on fixed assets. However in many companies such as mines, cement production, quarries, civil engineering contractors, industrial farms, commercial fleets, and oceanic vessels the production cycle depends on heavy vehicles, loaders, off road vehicles, and seagoing ships.

These vehicles have a wide range of applications such as moving goods from land points to sea ports and beyond, plant, maintain, and harvest crops, excavate earth and move thousands of tons of raw materials in quarries and open pit mines.