C14 Secure Sleeve

Product Announcement from SFCable.com

C14 Secure Sleeve-Image

"Are you having connectivity issues between IEC C13 Outlets and C14 Power cord plugs?"

The C14 Secure Sleeve solidifies the connection between the IEC C14 power cord plug and the IEC 13 panel mount receptacle commonly used on Power Distribution Units (PDU). This unique adapter will help ensure the
weakest link in the power chain is secure.

  • Easily slips onto the end of the C14 plug
  • Eliminates C14 plug from jiggling in place
  • Strength to securely hold plug in place
  • Material Type: PA66 Plastic Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Available in many colors

Applications: Reduce downtime and accidental power loss at critical time in

  • Data Center & Server Room
  • Music Studio & Home Theater
  • Retail & Checkout point of sale
  • Education & Public access area Information displays & computing
  • Business & Finance information points
  • Government & Military
  • Medical & Healthcare