Level Probe & Transmitter-Capacitive Continuous

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 Level Probe & Transmitter-Capacitive Continuous-Image

Sitron's SC120 and CN200 set as well as the other RF capacitive or RF capacitance models have a wide range of applications; they can be used in conductive and non-conductive liquids, solids and slurries. Sitron's SC120 continuous level probe and CN200 level transducers provide reliability, easy use and installation.

This set is also a RF capacitance transmitter system for measurement of level in a variety of products. The SC120 probe sends an mV signal to the CN200 transducer, which converts the (mV) signal into a 4-20mA signal.

*Rods or cable can be coated with PTFE or other materials as required and upon request. *For applications with non-metallic tanks we recommend the use of a sheath as a reference.