Level Switch.. Point Level Capacitance Switch

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Sitron - The SC700 is a point level capacitance switch ideal for low and high level detection for both liquid and solids. The SC700 can also detect level without being in contact with the product through a sight glass. Unlike other capacitance probes, the SC700 can detect any type of conductive, non-conductive or low dielectric materials with extremely accurate performance, almost complete immunity from build up, temperature changes or condensation. In applications with plastic or concrete tanks the SC700 does not require an external reference.

The sensor operates in a manner that is similar to a simple capacitor. A high frequency oscillator is located within the tip of the probe. When the tip of the probe comes in contact with the medium, the frequency of the oscillation reaches a preset point and the detection circuit signals the switch to change state.

The SC700 is a compact point level switch that can be made with many types of process connections,such as; threaded, flange or sanitary. The SC700 is made with rigid rod or cable and both can be supplied in extended versions. The rigid rod is made with a strong and durable plastic "polyacethal delrin" (a plastic material that is highly resistant to a variety of chemical processes) for standard units or upon request the rods can be made with PTFE. Probes are available in AC, DC and Universal Power Supply versions.