Vibrating Liquid Level Switch

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The V-Tork can operate in temperatures up to 176ºF (80ºC) and has a maximum working pressure of 725 PSI (50Bar).

All models are made with 316 S.S. and are available with PTFE coatings or in hygienic versions for sanitary applications.

The VTork does not require recalibration between batches and can also be cleaned in place. It is also ideal for multiple-purpose processing where the probes must be compatible with a variety of process materials and process conditions.

It is also available in a mini-version; The MVTK-DC (Mini V-Tork) is the most compact version of the V-Tork vibrating point level switches that is also designed to detect the level of several types of liquids and some fine solids. This model is fully encapsulated and can operate in "wet" environments.

Standard probes are available with 3/4" up to 1" BSP or NPT process connection and insertion length L= 3 1/8" (L= 80mm).

Technology Sitron's V-Tork is based on the vibrating tuning fork principle, using piezo-electric crystals. The switch vibrates at a resonant frequency. When the tuning fork is submerged in the product, the frequency will change. This change is detected by the integrated oscillator and converted into a switching output. (The integrated electronics evaluates the level signals, according to the oscillation of the sensor's crystal, and then provides an accurate output signal).

Features: *Unaffected by product variations in density, conductivity, or dielectric constant. *Unaffected by foam, tank agitation or vibration. *Various length options to best suit your application. *Made with 316 S.S. and can be PTFE coated when necessary. *Relay and Transistor outputs available. *Various process connections: Thread, Tri-Clamp, Hygienic Fittings, Flanges, etc. *Polished Forks - RA tested when necessary *3A approved