Vibration Monitor

Featured Product from Sitron

Sitron's - SV420 Vibration Monitor provides continuous sensing of machine vibration with a 4...20mA analog output. This 2 wire, 12...30Vdc unit is an invaluable industrial tool for preventative maintenance or machinery fault analysis.

The SV420 is a vibration transducer that provides an electrical output proportional to the frequency created by the range of vibration. The unit is designed for general industrial areas. It can be affixed to the desired target with either a threaded pin or with an optional magnetic clip.

The SV420 Vibration Monitor can be used to; establish whether or not a machine is running within its normal parameters, extend the life of a machine or to identify conditions that may lead to a systems failure.

Applications for preventative maintenance:

  • Rotor imbalance
  • Motor misalignment
  • Defective bearings or excessive friction
  • Chipped gears or eccentric gear pitch circle
  • Misaligned couplings, belts or shaft bearings

General Specifications:

Output: 4-20mA (2 wire)

Isolation: 500 Vrms

Frequency Range: .5 to 2500Hz

Measuring Range: 10, 25 and 50 mm/s RMS

Electrical Connection: M12 Connector or Cable

Process Connection: ΒΌ" Thread (20 Wires) or Magnetic Mounting Clip

Body Material: 316 SS

Operating temperature: -10C to 80C