ECL to Fiber Optic Modems

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The following Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) to Fiber Modem is available from S.I. Tech. For this unit, multi-mode is standard, single mode is optional.

Transmission: Up to 6500 ft. (2 Km) with suitable graded index fiber optic cable or 10 Km using single mode fiber.

Additional Information

Typical Bit Error Rate: Better than 10-9

Operating distance is dependent upon optical fiber core diameter and the cable's optical attenuation. The table below indicates three cables that may be used at any data rate. These cables are available in connectorized assemblies to meet the exact configuration of your application.
S.I.Tech offers complete links including fiber optic cable, connectors, cable assemblies, and Bit-DriversĀ®.

UL Listed. Meets FCC requirements of Class A, Part 15 Computing Devices Standard.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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