Profile rail guides - precise linear positioning

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Profile rail guides - precise linear positioning-Image

SKF® profile rail guides provide precise positioning, smooth operation, high load-carrying capacity, high stiffness, and unlimited stroke to satisfy linear motion system demands in a wide range of industry applications, including medical, factory automation, assembly, and electronics manufacturing, among others.

The expanded product line encompasses a variety of sizes featuring various slide configurations (normal, wide, long) and lengths to meet specific application requirements. Different carriage designs can accommodate particular load and stiffness demands (long carriages promote higher load-carrying capacity and wide carriages promote higher moment stiffness). Guides with specific preload can be supplied.

Profile rail guides are designed with four precision-ground raceways and a slide unit with four ball circulation paths. The square configuration of raceways results in a guidance system with good rigidity able to accommodate equal load capacity in all directions. Miniature guides incorporate a two-point contact of rolling elements with the raceways promoting high-speed operation, quiet running, and low friction.

Ready-to-mount units help make installation easy and minimize adjustment requirements. Carriages provided as standard with end- and side-seals along with pre-lubricated reservoirs contribute to ease of maintenance and reliability.