Electrical Discharge Detector Pen -hand-held

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Electrical Discharge Detector Pen -hand-held-Image

Electrical discharges are a result of motor shaft voltages discharging to earth through the bearing, causing electrical erosion, lubricant degradation and ultimately bearing failure.

Electric motors are more vulnerable to suffer electrical erosion in bearings when controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive. When incorporated into a predictive maintenance program, the EDD Pen can help detect bearings more susceptible to failure, and significantly prevent unplanned machine downtime.

Unique remote solution allows operation at a distance from the motors. This helps protect the user from touching machinery in motion

SKF technology*

No special training required

Capable of detecting electrical discharges on a time base of 10 seconds, 30 seconds or indefinite

LED Backlit screen, allows use in dark environments

IP 55 can be used in most industrial environments

Supplied standard with batteries ,a spare antenna and language free Instructions for use in a carrying case