HSS radial-shaft seals for critical steel mill assets

Featured Product from SKF/North America

SKF HSS radial-shaft seals are designed to promote optimized performance and reliability for critical steel mill and metals industry assets.  The all-rubber, reinforced sealing solutions provide metal rolling mills with high-performance and easy-to-install solutions to protect large-size bearings from the ingress of potentially harmful contaminants.  They ideally can serve in such demanding applications as mill stand chocks and ultimately can help upgrade asset performance, boost overall mill productivity from increased uptime, and contribute associated cost savings

HSS seals for metal-making assets are manufactured from nitrile rubber (NBR), SKF DURATEMP® (HNBR), and SKF DURALIFE (FKM).  The standard grade of these materials is used for the sealing lip and a harder grade is engineered for the part of the seal body contacting the housing bore to impart improved stability during installation and in operation.  The reinforced seal design allows for split versions to facilitate installation and replacement.  The smooth outside diameter of HSS seals offers excellent static sealing without risk of dimensional changes to the seals when exposed to moisture.

HSS seals are available in a wide range of metric or inch sizes and can be delivered in any quantity (no minimum) with quick turnaround.  Optional rear grease ports can be integrated to enable easy re-greasing between the sealing lips for those applications involving back-to-back or tandem installations of two HSS seals.  Seals can further be customized for any application to meet particular non-standard shaft and/or seal housing dimensions with virtually no upper limits.