Thermometers...Portable Infrared

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

SKF - Infrared thermometers are portable, lightweight instruments for safely measuring temperature at a distance. They are extremely user-friendly; simply aim and pull the trigger and the temperature is shown on the display. These robust instruments are equipped with a back-lit display and laser sighting. They are fitted with a bright LED illuminator to allow the application object to be seen even in poorly lit environments.

  • Wide measurement range from 60 to +625°C ("76 to +1 157°F); allows temperature measurements of many industrial applications
  • Distance-to-spot ratio of 16:1; allows accurate temperature readings at a distance
  • Fixed emissivity of 0,95; suitable for many applications
  • Maximum temperature always shown; helps identify the real hot spots
  • Auto shut off feature; helps optimize battery life