Linear your Specifications

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

SKF - extensive experience and knowledge of actuation systems allow us to satisfy the most demanding requirements utilizing linear actuators, telescopic pillars, rotary actuators, and control units.

Actuation systems are designed and produced in Gothenburg Sweden, Liestal Switzerland, Airasca Italy, Armada USA, Chambery France, and Pinghu China.

Product families:

Linear actuators:

wide range and types, different designs and configurations are available for industrial or specific health care applications, from high load capacities and high operating speeds to quiet and aesthetically designed systems

Telescopic pillars:

wide range and types for several applications, quiet, robust, powerful, attractive design

Rotary actuators:

modular to meet the needs of special design, compact but able to produce high torque, multiple motor options are available

Control units:

application focused system control, connection for foot and hand or desk switches