Lubricators-Automatic... Single-Point Solution

Featured Product from SKF/North America

SKF SYSTEM 24 LAGD Series single-point automatic lubricators are timely and accurate "hands-off" solutions that deliver the proper pre-set amount of lubricant needed for bearings in machinery across industries. These cost-effective, gas-driven feed versions are engineered to perform reliably on a 24-hour basis without manual intervention and can resolve issues typically associated with hard-to-access or potentially hazardous lubrication points. Ultimately, they optimize the accuracy, reliability, and cleanliness of lubricant delivery, contributing to increased up time of assets, reduced maintenance, and favorable environmental impact.

Compared with manual lubrication, the automatic lubricator's continuous and controlled supply of fresh and clean lubricant minimizes the ingress of potentially damaging contaminants, prevents the overheating, waste, and seal damage caused by over-lubrication, and eliminates excessive wear from over-lubrication.

The lubricator features flexible and user-adjustable dispense settings (ranging up to 12 months) and transparent lubricant containers for visual inspection of dispense rate. A patented gas cell generates the proper pressure to dispense lubricant consistently from containers filled with SKF high-quality lubricant specially formulated for the application. Custom lubricant fills can also be evaluated upon request. Users can additionally benefit from the unique SKF DialSet program (available free for downloading from to determine precise lubricant-dispensing calculations.

LAGD Series lubricators are supplied ready-to-use in two sizes (60 ml and 125 ml) and integrate tool-free activation. Various lubricator accessories, including connectors, brushes and no-return valves (for oil applications), and mounting and protecting devices can be specified.
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