Ball Bearings Deep Groove ...MRC® HNCR

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

SKF MRC® brand HNCR deep groove ball bearings offer unprecedented corrosion resistance to withstand harsh operating conditions encountered in the wide variety of food and beverage processing applications.  These uniquely engineered bearings are manufactured from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel (HNCR) to provide superior corrosion resistance, hardness, and fatigue life compared with standard 52100 or 440C stainless steel counterparts.  In addition to HNCR rings, the bearings integrate ceramic balls, stainless steel cages, and stainless steel-backed rubber seals to achieve full protection against corrosion on all external and internal bearing surfaces.

These bearings ultimately offer extended bearing service life and improved reliability to help reduce downtime and maintenance costs and promote enhanced uptime, productivity, and profitability.

The combined presence of nitrogen and high chromium in the HNCR steel rings makes a significant difference in the material and in the capability of these bearings to resist corrosion.  HNCR also exhibits greater “cleanliness” than 52100 and 440C steel with virtually no trace of sulfides, aluminates, silicates, or globular oxides.  The lack of these non-metallic contaminants further contributes to longer bearing life.

MRC HNCR deep groove ball bearings can be supplied in either open or closed designs and in a wide range of bore sizes to equip rotating machinery in the food and beverage processing industries with ideal performance solutions.

In addition to the standard MRC HNCR deep groove ball bearing line, Made-to-Order warranted products can be developed to satisfy particular or especially demanding application requirements.

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