Sensor Bearing Units

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

SKF USA - SKF Sensor bearing units are mechatronic machine components covering the fields of both sensor and bearing engineering. They are virtually an ideal combination of versatile deep groove ball bearings with sensor units provided with shielding from external influences.

Sensor body, impulse ring and bearing are mechanically attached to each other, forming an integral ready-to-mount unit which can answer the requirements of today market as down-sizing, place and weight reduction, cost saving, safety, reliability and more electronic and user friendly equipment. Compared with the initial concept of separate components, the integration of sensor, impulse ring and bearing in one simple unit is an important step towards higher quality in signal generation and transmission, more compact construction and simpler design.

The SKF Sensor-Bearing Units is your ideal solution when you need:

  • the bearing function and
  • the relative position of the inner ring vs. the outer ring
  • the speed of rotation
  • the direction of rotation
  • the acceleration or deceleration.